The New York Assembly has passed the Child Victims Act for the second year in a row. New York Senate Democrats have been asking for a hearing and to hold a vote. New York Senate Republicans led by John Flannagan of Long Island, are stonewalling. Senator Young has proposed a false Child Victims Act that would omit mandatory reporting for private institutions/private schools as well as diverting the responsibility of the institutions for failing to report known or suspected abuse. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Institutional accountability is paramount. Society should not be forced to tolerate individuals and institutions that actively concealed and covered up child sex abuse. Emma Willard School and other private institutions need to stop apologizing for ‘harm done’ and start self- administering the integrity they pride themselves on. The value of reconciling the past actions of administrators is now, regardless of their contributions to the school or how iconic they may be. Penn State and US Gymnastics have taught us that the abusers are often not the only adults responsible.

Listen to hear about The Child Victims Act. What is it, why do we need it, what is the hold up in the NY Senate? Eloquently discussed.